Friday, November 11, 2011

Hansel First Valve Adjustment

This is really a late post (very busy at the office and no internet at home).

Anyways, last October 2, I brought Hansel to Honda Prestige Bacoor and use my last free coupon, for 6000kms up. The reason that I brough Hansel for tune-up is because after typhoon Pedring I felt that Hansel is running differently. It seems that there is something wrong but I can't identify it.

So, as scheduled, I brought him to my favorite 3S shop and when its our turn, Chris, the mechanic on duty on that day asked me what was to be done with Hansel. I told him that I wanted to have whatever is the free service indicated on the 3rd coupon be done (in short....tune-up). I also told him that Hansel seems to run differently (after we fight and survive the winds of Pedring). So, what he did was to start Hansel and listen to the engine. Chris then told me that we need to check the valve clearance and so, he remove the valve cover and when he measured the clearance, he mentioned it does not have the correct clearance anymore. So Chris, adjusted both valve and after adjusting performed the other task stated on the coupon. When I rode Hansel home, I can feel a big difference before the tune-up was performed and after it was done.

Thank you Chris for a job well done....Will surely miss him once I transfer to Cainta.

Below are some pictures take while Chris is performing the valve adjustment.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hansel with XRM RS Araro

Pictures of Hansel with XRM RS Araro/Bellypan

An Unlucky Day

I have an unluck day last Saturday. While I'm preparing my motorcycle for our visit to my parents I was able to see my rear tire with a 3" nail stuck on it. Luckyly it did not punctured my tire.

Below are the picture on how the nail struck my tire.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

CB110 Givi box carrier

One problem of the CB110 is the lack of ubox. Which for me (coming from a Bravo motorcycle) is a little inconvenient.

In my Bravo, I usually have my raincoat (rain or shine, I have it in my ubox, you don't known when it will rain), my tools, my chain lock at some other small things.

Now that I have a CB110, I'm still looking for that ubox but well, its a CB not an Underbone, so definitely there won't be any ubox. I'm thinking of putting a Givi Box on my CB so that when my wife ask me to go to the grocery I won't be having a problem carrying them. But can't find any carrier for the Givi box especially for the CB110.

Well finally, Boss Baning of HFRC shared to us his own carrier (design was made by him) and with his permission I'm posting this here on my blog for your reference.

According to him, the carrier cost is Php 1,100.00.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A name for our CB110

Well, finally my wife and I came up with a name for our new CB110.

We name it, HANSEL.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Multifunction Bag

Last Saturday (April 2). I was able to get my 5-in-1 bag from xyphrus (

Here are some pics of the bag on my CB110.

As Tail Bag

As Tank Bag

The bag can still be use as a leg bag or even a body bag. What more can I say other than I LIKE.......

Friday, March 25, 2011

Feedback on my CB110

After one week of using my CB110, I guess I can now give my comment on its performance since with regards to his structure and form I can't say anything but perfect.

Just to give you an idea on the different features of a CB110, look at the picture below.
 Now in terms of its performance, hmmmm.....i get a nice acceleration, the handling is great, can be maneuvered  easily as if you are just riding an underbone.

So far the maximum speed that I was able to attain at the moment is around 90kph, take note, my bike is just one week old and the reading hasn't reached 100kms, so I really don't want to push my CB110 yet to its limit.

Another thing that I'm trying to feel is the common issue for other CB110 owners, some CB110 owners told us that their unit manifested the "sinok" issue everytime that they are running their unit in 4th gear. So far, I have not encountered it with my unit.

Well, nothing much to mention that definitely I can say that I'm enjoying my ride with my CB110.

Next post will be the actual computation of my CB110 fuel consumption. Hopefully, it will be near 60-70kms/liter of gasoline as what Honda advertised.

Ride safe everyone!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Add-on to my CB110

Here's what I added to my new CB110.

Tank Pad

My New Baby

After selling my beloved Bravo I need to get a new ride.

There is a lot of new models coming out from the Big 4 Japan manufacturers but what I really wanted is something that will fit my budget, has forms and most especially a fuel efficient motorcycle (we know how much our gasoline cost nowadays).

Having those thing in mind only one thing came into the picture, the NEW HONDA CB110.

The CB110 boast the following features (taken from

Head turning style meets sporty power!
The CB110 takes the urban sports bike riding to a whole new level. Combining the power and sleek style, this revolutionary bike will forever change your riding experience!
Unleash your sporty side with this great new ride!


110cc Engine
Empower yourself with the cutting edge 110cc and 8.6HP engine (comparable to 125cc performance) that gives you a smooth ride with a mileage of (*78.7km/l)

*at an average driving speed

Half Chain Case
Flaunt your insides with a half chain case that reveals the latest trend.

Viscous FilterA new technology that cuts down on maintenance and give you a hassle free ride.

T.I.C.S (Twin Ignition Control System)
For better fuel efficiency and optimum engine speed.

Tubeless Tires

For a smoother and safer ride. 

And so, I did some more research and feedback from those who already purchased the model and so far, most owners gives a good feedback.

And so...I got in touch with my dealer (Honda Admiral Motorbikes) and asked how much is the lowest downpayment and monthly of the said bike (well....I don't have any cash to purchase it in full....). Well they offered me a low downpayment of Php 3,100 and a monthly payment of the same amount and of course a rebate of 200 in case I pay it on or before the due date.

Well, I talked to my wife and given a go signal to get one (weeee.......). I then asked my dealer for the requirements to process my loan. I was sent an application form first to get the ball rolling. Then last thursday, the credit investigator assigned to my loan called up and do they usually question and answer portion. Then at around 8pm the same day I was informed by my dealer that my application had been approved (what a joy, hehehehehhe).

Friday came and got a text message from the credit company when do I want to get the motorcycle. Excitedly, I informed them that I want to get it that day and so, the person assigned to my loan inform me to prepare all the necessary documents so they can release my CB110 and was informed that I can get it at around 3-4pm.

At around 2pm yesterday, I left home and head straight to my dealer ( I live in Cavite and my dealer's place is in EspaƱa). While inside the bus, there's nothing else coming in my mind except my new motorcycle.By 3pm I'm already at my dealer's place, everything had been prepared already, meaning, the motorcycle had been checked and conditioned already. Immediately I was asked to sign pertinent papers regarding my motorcycle loan, after signing, gave the initial downpayment and was given the key, helmet (cheap one) and my dealer jersey. I immediately secure the free helmet cause I brought my helmet and then wore the dealers jersey.

The motorcycle is only filled with 1 liter of gasoline (hehehehehehehe, how far can I go with that, right?) and I have to bring the motorcycle in Cavite. So....knowing that, my primary concern is to get to the nearest gasoline station but alas no gasoline station is near. Was able to have the tank filled with gasoline in Shell - Macapagal. Can't believe it right? Well, I was able to travel from Espanya to Macapagal with 1 liter of gasoline and that's what I can say fuel efficient.

Well, here's my new baby.....

In my next post, I'll be giving my personal feedback on my new baby.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bye, Bye JASS......

After more than 4 years of riding with my beloved JASS (Bravo), I had to say goodbye to her.

It crushes my heart to turn over the key to its new owner yesterday but I had to.

JASS had been a good motorcycle, not giving me any headache due to technical issue which in return I took good care of her by making sure that I maintained her properly by putting new engine oil every quarter and having her tuned up.

JASS introduced me to some riders group and was able to meet new friends with her. Was able to go to different places which I don't think I'll be able to go without her. We've been through lots of ups and downs (literally) but still she's with me making sure that I will safely arrive home.

To you JASS, our family will always remember you and hopefully your new owner will take good care of you the same way I took care of you. We will always remember you......thank you for the moments and taking good care of us.

(My last ride with JASS, HFRC ride to Tagaytay)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House body approves mandatory automatic headlights bill for motorcycles

16 February 2011 09:17:35 AM
Writer: Lorelei V. Castillo, MRS-PRIB
The House Committee on Transportation has approved for plenary debate a measure requiring all motorcycle drivers to turn on headlights while driving to enhance visibility for motorists.

Rep. Roger Gaviola Mercado (Lone District, Southern Leyte), Committee Chairman, said the bill is a proactive and preventive measure given the increasing figure in accidents and mishaps involving motorcycles in the country.

Under House Bill 3375, principally authored by Reps. Mariano Velarde and William Tieng (Party-list, BUHAY), all motorcycle drivers and operators are required to automatically turn on and ride with their headlights on at all hours of the day and night on all roads.

Velarde said by making it mandatory for motorcycle drivers and operators to automatically turn on their headlights, it will be easier to detect approaching motorcycles and increase motorcycle conspicuity and visibility.

"The mandatory headlights on policy will enhance visibility for motorists and can be considered as a low-cost method to reduce crashes and collisions," Velarde said.

The bill mandates motorcycle manufacturers, assemblers and distributors to properly install automatic headlights on system, mechanism or device before its distribution and sale.

All headlights must be of sufficient intensity to reveal a person or a vehicle at any distance of not less than 30.5 meters.

No new motorcycle shall be allowed initial registration and succeeding renewal of registration unless it is equipped with the necessary automatic headlights on system, mechanism or device, the bill provides.
Under the bill, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) shall enforce the implementing guidelines and shall mobilize available resources to ensure the effective implementation of the measure.

Motorists, drivers, owners or operators who fail to ride with headlights on at anytime of the day or night shall be penalized with a fine ranging from P1,000 to P5,000 and suspension of driver's license for one month.
Furthermore, all manufacturers, assemblers, importers and distributors found without a headlight face a fine of not more than P20,000 and suspension of the license to manufacture, assemble, import of distribute for one year.

Monday, February 21, 2011

HFRC February 20, 2011 Ride Report

HFRC Ride to Tagaytay
February 20, 2011

by coolworld

A ride specially conceptualized for me (coolworld) after I posted in HPI forum that I will be leaving the forum for a reason that I will be selling my Honda Bravo (JASS) due to some problem that I'm currently facing.

Barricade of HPI called me up last February 14 and offered to purchase my beloved JASS and in return I need to join the group for what he mentioned the last ride to be with JASS. The following day, February 15, Ac008 posted a thread for a ride EB on Sunday, Feburuary 20, dedicated for me before I bid farewell to the group, it turns out that a lot of our co-forumer is eager to join the ride which is overwhelming since the group just had their ride last Febuary 12.

Anyways, as the the date of the ride is nearing, we are already counting up to more than 10 riders who will be joining the said ride. Post for the specific thread immeadietly grows to more than 5 pages wherein co-forumers are asking for the meeting place and who's who will be meeting on the specific place. Forumers coming from North of Manila had their meeting place in Shell - Julia Vargas at around 5:30am-6am and will take off at around 6am going to the merge point / meeting place of those South of Manila, Shell-Quirino Ave. near Alabang-Zapote road at around 7am. Ride reminders were also posted in the thread.

February 20 came and everybody was set. Boss Warren, called and texted me that they are already on their way to the merge point at the same time Boss Erick29/30 called me that they are already in the meet up place. Made last preparation with JASS and suited up. Meet with Erick29/30 and waited for those coming from the north.

At around 7:15am, those coming from the north arrived at the merge point. Everyone greeted each other and briefly introduce themselves. To not waste time introducing each other, we immediately arrange ourselves in an order that we need to follow until we arrive at our destination. Again, reminders were given to all riders so as to make the ride enjoyable and free from any accidents.

When the group take off from Shell Quirino, the group traverse Aguinaldo HIghway going to Tagaytay, the much direct and easy way for the group to ride going to Tagaytay. When the group reach Anabu Coastal, the group momentarily stop to let Whiteknight join. After 3-5mins, the group proceed with the ride.

The group maintained a cruising speed of 60-80kph to let those who are first timer in joining a ride enjoy both the scenery and the ride itself. It took the group at least an hour to reach Tagaytay Rotonda but encountered a slight problem since boss rinestine Dash suddenly went dead, he was able to recover from the suddent engine stop but he and boss joey went straight to Petron going to Mahogany market. Since boss barricade was group sweeper, he did try to look for the 2 but eventually going to the wrong way. After almost 30mins of searching for the 3 riders, they were able to join the group.

Those who are waiting for the 3 riders to return was able to have an ample time to have a picture taking session and at the same time have their snack courtesy of Mam Anna, who brought almost her house, hehehehehehehehehe. Riders enjoyed eating pandesal along with a hot coffee. Thanks Mam Anna sa uulitin......hehehehehehehehehe.

After resting and having their snack, the group then decide to proceed to Picnic Groove to have the meeting and have their lunch. Entrance fee in Picnic Groove cost Php 50.00 (parking and entrance) and the picnic table cost Php 100.00 each.

After find a spot, the group then immediately discuss the new HFRC. Topic was discussed were, the group mission, vision, membership, board of trustees and dues. At this point, let me thank all who join the ride for having a positive view on the plan of having HFRC as a solid group complete with officers and guidelines for members. We are just starting this guys, still have a long way to go for this.

From Picnic Groove, the group decided to have their lunch either in Mahogany market or the bulaluhan at the radar. Eventually, the group agree to have it in the radar area since as what boss barricade mentioned, it has a nice view of Taal. After enjoying the bulalo along with the extra rice, salted egg and mango which mam annna brought the group decide to call it a day and proceed home.

The group also drop by at my house to tell me about their plans with JASS, no need to mention it here guys but my family and i want to say thank you very much to all of you.

All in all the ride is very successful, we were able to go home safely to our love ones and everybody enjoyed the ride without any untoward incident.

Till the next ride guys! Ride Safe Always