Monday, May 28, 2007

LDZ_Bungo Modified Bravo

Archer Modified Bravo

Codeguru Honda Bravo

Ebortega MCP Modified Bravo

Steven Andrei Modified Bravo

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bye, bye stock Bravo sticker...

Right Side

Left Side
Underbones Philipines.Com Sticker
Last April I was able to replace my stock Bravo sticker with my very own sticker. Thanks to CJ Perez of Underbones Philippines for the design and to putting the sticker on my Bravo.
The Underbones Philippines sticker is courtesy of Sir Miromopa.

Our First Encounter with Honda Philippines & Thailand Staff

Last April 21, Bravo owners were invited by Honda Philippines to attend their research & development in Calamba, Laguna.

Only three Bravo owners from MCP & UBP where able to attend the said occassion, Me, Archer & Willy.

We started our ride from Sucat to Calamba Laguna, so far, I didn't enjoy the ride because it is basically the same as you are riding in Manila, sobrang traffic sa service road. We departed from Sucat at around 11:30AM and where able to reach Calamba at around 12:45 nn.

At the said meeting place, we were able to meet some Bravo riders from San Pablo, Laguna and they are inspired by our Bravo because our Bravo are the only units that what totally modified especially Willy's Bravo.

Immediately, we are given survey form and inside the venue, Honda Thailand Team started asking question regarding the Bravo. We were able to give our good and bad comments to them and hopefully they will release a much improved Bravo in the future.

Honda Thailand staff were amazed on how we were able to modify our Bravo considering that the model is new and there are only few accessories available for modification. They can not stop taking pictures of the different mods that we have done to our Bravo.

All in all we are satisfied with the event but I wish that some UBP and MCP Bravo owner's could have joined the event.

My Modified Handle Bar ( Part 2 )