Friday, June 29, 2007

QC Bravo boys, mini EB last June 23.

The mini eb at q.c area last saturday june 23,2007 was a gathering of bravo owners within the area first to arrived was yours truly then followed by sir mei_cel with his silver bravo then the rain came pouring in, for about 30 min then sir steve andre arrived in his blue bravo then in a few mins sir jet came zooming with his red bravo then also we saw a rider in a black brovo with a pretty back ride we thought it was someone else but it was sir brad hehehehe.
we were able to talk about many things about our bravo especially about technical matters then came sir kulas in his orange bravo it was a good that we choose the shell congressional as our meeting place because walang makukulit kami kami lang ang nadoon then at about 5 pm we said goodbyes to one another. hope to see you guys soon and also the other bravo riders

As posted by Sir Bungo in MCP.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Codeguru Bravo

Floyd Bravo

Talipandaz Bravo

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Revisiting Marilaque on a Monday Morning Part 5

I reached Shell just in time. As it was also about to rain, dragging my bike up and downhill on a rainy day would be the last thing I'd want to do. So yeah, thank goodness for gas stations.

On the way up, I realized that the rain won't pour just yet so I took another stop at Pranjetto.

Hindi na ako nagtagal at baka umulan pa nga. Wet and wild is not my idea of fun.

On my way down, I passed by some school kids. They were nice enough to smile for the camera.

(Btw, how many kids do you see wearing shoes?)

Revisiting Marilaque on a Monday Morning Part 4

Pero syempre, a ride to Marilaque is not complete without Mang Vic's Bulalo.

I was on my way to my second serving of rice when someone called my attention. This kid who covers the bikes with used cartons was aking for my food. Sige sabi ko marami pa pagkain ko. Di ko pa nga nababawasan. Paglapit nya, humingi pa ng dagdag. Ayus.

As payment. He posed for the camera.

My last stop was at Petron. Went for a wiwi break and then checked my phone.

A message said, "Asan ka na? Hindi ka nagpaparamdam."

Ala-una na pala. Yare.

Revisiting Marilaque on a Monday Morning Part 3

And since it's a lazy Monday morning (and my tank almost running empty), I took my sweet-sweet time cruising through the corners. No pressure at all. I got to enjoy every tree, bahay-kubo, weird looking animal (Yeah, there was this flock of flightless birds crossing the street. Akala ko nung una manok. Nung binalikan ko, parang pugo.) that I saw along the way.

The first photo is my most favorite curve in Marilaque. For some reason, I always take the time to look at this hill. It's either green or brown, of course, depending on the hot and rainy weather.

The second photo has a very devious hairpin. Seriously, everytime I pass by, I don't know if I should be looking at the view or if I should focus on the road. Normally, I'd lean to get a good angle 'round this curve. But this time, I went down real slow, 20 kph was just enough to let me take a second look at the horizon.

The third photo was taken near Garden Cottages. The twists are like chocolate on a woman's skin. Hirap tanggihan.

The last photo's probably one of the most important reminders in Marialque: Slow Down, Accident Prone Area.

Revisiting Marilaque on a Monday Morning Part 2

This spot (I saw in one of the signs, I'm assuming it's called Garden Cottages) has got to be one of my favorites as it gives a very good view of the on-going construction of the village.

So I lingered, waited for bikes or maybe cars to pass. Wala talaga.


Revisiting Marilaque on a Monday Morning Part 1

Solo ride of our brother Majongero to Marilaque. Taken from his post in MCP with his permission.

This morning, my girlfriend asked me to give her a ride to work. Although Monday mornings and I aren’t exactly best friends, I am but her slave so I said yes.

(The girlfriend’s been keeping me from riding. As long as she’d let me use my Bravo instead of my car, I’d say yes to anything.)

After bringing her to her office, she asked me if I could meet her at around lunch time because she’s going to her doctor. E wala naman akong gagawin, so once again I agreed to be her driver.

But what was I supposed to do in between? I got three immediate choices:

a. Go home and go back at lunchtime
b. Go to a nearby coffee shop and read old newspapers
c. Enjoy a quick ride to Marilaque

Not being able to ride for months now (reason clearly stated above), making this decision was really easy.

And although I enjoy group rides, I think I enjoy lone rides more. I set my own pace: I rest when I want to rest, I take pictures when I want to, I stop to eat when I am hungry, I get to talk with the locals, I am not in a rush to follow anyone’s lead.

I know almost everyone here has been to Marilaque. But riding there without the heavy bike traffic is just sweet heaven. I spare myself the “mini races” we normally encounter from one curve to another. This is probably my third lone ride in the area, and I don’t think I’m ever going back there on a weekend.

Please excuse my all too cliché-ish photos. (And yes, there are no other bikes here but my Bravo.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Philippine Bravo Riders Club Logo

Di pa po ito official, under modification pa po ito. Hopefully within the week we can finalize our logo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Official PBRC members

This is arranged base on location. Number is for indicator only.

Bravo RED
1. jet_zoooooms > Jake > Merville, Paranaque
2. mindtwister18 > Ross > Tondo, Manila

Bravo Green
1. coolworld > Arlan > Zapote
2. Archer22 > Vin > Sucat, Paranaque
3. Talipandaz > Wally > Marikina
4. Kulas Piro > Edlar (Egay) > Quezon City

Bravo Orange
Majongero > Marc > Novaliches
2. Black_Zero_13 > Nayf > Las Pinas

Bravo Black
1. eddie gordo > Willy > Proj. 4, Q.C.
2. Ldz Bungo > Dennis > Novaliches
3. dark black > Ruel > Merville, Paranaque
4. Joyce > Joyce > Novaliches
5. bradc73> Ralp > Quezon City
6. Ogfever > > Quezon City
7. smallville111> Joseph > Makati City (Pampanga)

Bravo Blue
1. Steven Andrei > Jon-jon > Quezon City

Bravo Silver
1. mie_cel > mhars > Malabon City
2. Kracknats > Jason > Bulacan (RIP)
3. Codeguru > Ned > Cavite

Bravo Blue
1. CrazyRazky > Charlz > Nueva Ecija/Q.C.

Bravo Red
1. dt_125>Richard>Tagbilaran
2. frail > > Cebu

Bravo Red
1. David_Anthony> Gigod> Tangub

Bravo Orange
1. joeffroxzrch> joeffrey >Cagayan de Oro

Majongero Bravo with Fender Eliminator

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MCP Bravo Boys EB

Last June 2, 2007, the much awaited EB (Eyeball) of MCP (Motorcycle Philippines) Bravo boys has finally pushed through.

Inviting the different Bravo owners took more than 2 weeks just to accomodate the different schedules of the members because we wanted all of them to be able to attend the EB. Some members was eager to join the EB but unfortunately they are tied to other commitments.

June 2 finally arrived, and as scheduled, we will be meeting at Petron (Bluewave) - Macapagal. First to arrive on the meeting place is me, followed by Talipandaz, then Archer, Steven Andrei and Major Jet, finally Kulas Piro came followed by a friend of Major Jet, Ruel.

While still waiting for the others to come, each one of us started looking at the other's Bravo, comparing their Bravo's with ours. Finally, the group decide to go to Archer's place since Talipandaz will be buying a halogen bulb for his Bravo but before that we decide to find a place nearby where we can have our picture taking since Kulas will be going home since he joined the EB straight from his work.

As Major Jet leads the pack, he brought us infront of the Shrine of Jesus in MOA where we park our Bravo and started taking pictures.

After taking some pictures, Major Jet again leads us to Archer place, there, we were able to rest from the scorching heat and was able to relax ( thanks to Archer free softdrinks. :D ). After resting and refreshing ourselves, we again started to discuss about our Bravo, the different mods that we have done so far and what other mods that we can do.

By 6 pm, we decided to call it a day and go home.

It's really a nice day spending a little time with m co-Bravo owners, I've learned a lot from them. Hopefully, we'll have another EB but these time it will be a ride EB to test our Bravo's power.