Monday, July 16, 2012

Acquiring ICC stickers for helmet

Does your present helmet has an ICC sticker? This is one requirement of a new law which will be implemented starting August of this year. Unfortunately, we do not receive a lot of updates about this either in news print or tv. Hopefully our co-riders who do not have access to the internet or those who does not care about any motorcycle law will not be shocked when they are apprehended on August due to not wearing a helmet with ICC stickers or with DOT mark.

For those who are aware of this law, let me share a sample application for in getting an ICC sticker for those helmets that was bought without them.

This sample application form was shared by my co-club member in PBRC, Martin Nuke (thank you boss for the share). Processing fee is Php 100 and the sticker cost Php 1.25.

According to Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist Violeta F. Farro of DTI : "kailangan na magsadya sa kanilang tanggapan ang mga motorista upang mag-sumite ng aplikasyon at malagyan ng ICC sticker ang kanilang mga helmet. 

Dagdag pa niya, ang mga motorista na may helmet at dati ng may ICC sticker ay hindi na sila kailangan mag-aplay kung hindi magsadya pa rin sa kanilang tanggapan upang masuri ito.

Dapat rin na matibay ang bahagi ng helmet at kumpleto, hindi basag at walang sira, nakikita dapat ang brand name nito at hindi ito pinalitan, kailangan din na may kalidad at pasado ito sa pagsusuri ng DTI.

Ito ay batay pa rin sa BPS memorandum circular no. 01-A.

Ayon pa rin kay Farro, makikita din sa tanggapan ng DTI ang talaan ng ibat-ibang brand ng helmet na kailangan isyuhan ng ICC sticker."

Just remember, if you just purchased your helmet and you know that it passes the industry standard, then just get an ICC sticker. If your purchased your helmet "sa suking tabi-tabi", don't bother to get an ICC sticker as your helmet may not pass the test.

So guys, if you are reading this post, feel free to share the link to my blog post so our co-rider will know what to expect on August, 2012.

Before I forget...I need to order a new helmet with ICC stickers....hehehehehe

Ride safe guys!


Anonymous said...

Very Informative. Thanks this will sure help us in acquiring our icc sticker.

Steve Armstrong

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