Friday, November 8, 2013

Discbrake Maintenance of Hansel

After 2 years and 7 months, Hansel discbrake needs repair.

The master needs a repair kit at brake fluid started to drip when you press the brake lever. Been trying to look for a cheap repair kit but can't find one near our area. Someone from CB110 group told that an aftermarket repair kit is available for less than Php 100 but the store can be found in Caloocan, which far from my location. I have also asked the one who purchase the aftermarket repair kit for feedback and was told that it was like a stone or metal that would eventually become brittle and would eventually cause the brake hose to clogged. He suggested to instead purchase the OEM repair kit which can be purchase from authorized Honda 3S shop. Eventually, I followed his advice.

Below are some pictures of OEM Repair Kit with one of the picture having the receipt so you can see the price.

Below are some pictures of the original kit. As you can see, it really needs replacement:

We remove the master from Hansel and eventually clean it before installing the new repair kit.